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Asy-Syariff Online Classes

Providing a simple class platform for online classes studying iqra and quran. Not only that, students are allowed to choose instructors either ustaz or ustazah. Usually we use "Google Meet" or "Direct Call" according to the student's request. Flexible learning time according to student comfort. "Online Private Tutor"; giving more privacy for teachers to focus on their students.

English For You (E4U)

Open to children, teenagers and adults. Benefits of the program:1 on 1 class, Flexible time, Qualified Teachers, Notes & exercises provided​


DREAMS means "Dedikasi, Realistik, Efektif, Aspirasi, Matang dan Sistematik". It is a self-transformation program towards a better life. DREAMS aims to help in forming harmonious and prosperous people through a relevant and comprehensive platform.

Takallam Arabiy

Learn how to learn Arabic and continue to practice it in everyday life.